Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Skincare Review - ECO Fresh Face Kit by ECO.Modern Essentials

Hi Beauties!

As this should of been posted yesterday (apologies) but im finding my blogger hasn't been working very well. Is anyone else having the same problem? It just has not been loading lately, but today is a good day because it is working like a charm!

Today i have a skincare review for you all, as you can tell by my blog 90% of what i do revolves around natural and organic tips, tricks and skincare products. Why? Because taking care of the inside of your body does wonders for the outside. 

Eco. Modern Essentials is an Australian Company, they sell salon quality products for affordable prices and did i mention its all natural? Sounds like a winner!

Friday, May 23, 2014

15 Little Tips That Are Fact NOT Fiction

Hey Everyone!
Its finally Friday! (In Australia) so if your one of my Aussie readers, happy Friday!

Some of these beauty tips/facts are common ones you might be aware of and some you might not! For instance if i knew that a potato could de-puff my eye circles, i would of saved alotttt of money!

If i also found out that i needed a certain about of space between my nose and blush, it would of prevented all the years as a teenager i spent looking like Ronald McDonald.

So grab a coffee, cookie or cupcake because its Friday and continue reading!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Keep It Or Ditch It? Makeup Expiration Guide

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Hi Lovelies,

Today as i am currently cleaning out my own makeup i thought i would share with you all my makeup expiration guide. I learnt this a few years ago so im a little rusty and when i say rusty i mean im a hoarder and i hate throwing away makeup! Especially if its hardly been used. 

Which brings me to my question, Whats worse? Keeping old makeup and using it once in a while? Or completely doing a makeup check, throwing out your old products and buying new ones (if you need them)?

Throwing them out course! Its pretty self explanatory but using old expired makeup can have horrible effects on your face and we all hate a breakout true? So here we go!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dull & Tired Skin? Try This Payot Face Masque Now!

Hi Lovelies

Today i have another skincare review for you all.

This is one of my favorite face masques ever! I think its going to be a life time regular so Payot please dont discontinue this! 

This is full of one of the best super foods for your skin in the world! Goji Berries!  

I have very dull skin at times, i dont sleep enough and at the best of times i eat way to much bad food and it really shows in my skin and i have tried so many masques and nothing seems to work. Until now.. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Perfect Palette Tag!

I was tagged in the perfect palette tag (or messy palette tag by the look of mine! by the lovely and gorgeous Erin from The Beauty BoxIm not a palette kind of girl. I find a palette i like and i usually stick it because i think personally its really hard to find great combinations. 

I have four Palettes i wouldn't change and i will be talking about them today.

I have my Melli Cosmetics Palette which is my absolute favorite and you probably saw the messy photo on instagram and then i have my mini essence palette for everyday as well as my two Napoleon Perdis palettes that i have been using for years!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fresh, Cooling, Relaxing - Bliss Blend By Subtle Energies - Skincare Review

Hi Beauties,

If you are up to date with my insta-page you will see i am trying out a lot of new skincare for you all! 

The other day i uploaded a photo of Subtle Energies - Bliss Blend and im LOVING it!

Subtle Energies (here) were nice enough to send me this and the little baby came just in time for Autumn/Winter because in the cooler months my skin is super dry and it needs as much hydration and restoration as possible! 

So what exactly is Bliss Blend? 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Personal Post // Life Update

Hi Beauties!

I am so sorry for my absence. All my loyal readers and all my new readers! I am now back full time, ready to blog my butt off as normal! 

I have had a lot of family stuff going on and not only that i have also been insanely busy at work.

My goal is to blog Monday To Friday or at best Mon-Wed-Fri but the last three weeks have been pretty chaotic for me.

Just a quick apology because i value my readers and treasure my blog so far. 

Another reminder that once i hit 500 follows I'm doing a Mecca Cosmetics Give Away! 

What do you all think?

Thanks for reading this little update. 
Keep updated for my posts being normal and frequent as of tomorrow!

Dani xo

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spoil Mum! Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Under $100

Hi Lovelies,

Its that time of year again. Time to celebrate our mothers bringing us into the world and raising us to be the women (or men) that we are today.

I think we should appreciate our parents everyday because life is so short so i always make a point to speak to my parents everyday even though i live at home and be grateful and appreciative of everything no matter how many times they have done the same thing over and over again. 

Dont get me wrong, im no perfect child but i do make sure my parents know just how much i love them all the time. Now enough with the corny family talk lets get into the presents! Besides holidays and birthdays who doesn't love an extra present thrown in? My mum is exactly like me. So believe me when i say she loves presents so much if she had a choice she would ask for one everyday!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Five Vintage Beauty Tips That Are Quick, Easy And Home Made!

Hi Beauties!

I am having a major case of Monday blues today! 

The weeks feel so long the weekends feel so short. Can they be in reverse? Five day weekend? Two day work week? Who is with me?

Today i have five vintage beauty tips for you all. They are all home remedies which are ofcourse amazing and i find more effective than some store brought products.

As you can tell because i have done two similar posts here - home remedies for dry skin and here - 7 budget beauty tips and tricks