Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fresh, Cooling, Relaxing - Bliss Blend By Subtle Energies - Skincare Review

Hi Beauties,

If you are up to date with my insta-page you will see i am trying out a lot of new skincare for you all! 

The other day i uploaded a photo of Subtle Energies - Bliss Blend and im LOVING it!

Subtle Energies (here) were nice enough to send me this and the little baby came just in time for Autumn/Winter because in the cooler months my skin is super dry and it needs as much hydration and restoration as possible! 

So what exactly is Bliss Blend? 

Its a Serum/Oil that soothes and relaxes the skin. A part of the description on the website reads "Bringing sensory delights to everyday life, the Bliss Blend from Subtle Energies will put you into a state of Nirvana with its delightful and exotic combination of pure essential oils. " And ladies, that is exactly what it does. The smell is unbelievable. It smells like massage oil. I literally picture myself in Bora Bora getting a massage (I know sounds cray, but it just takes me to another place every time i smell it!)

This is a cooling base oil which is full of:
Brahmi - Cooling for sensitive skin
Kewda - Moisturizing, Toning, Hydrating and adding a glow to skin. 
Morga - This is used for sensuality and full of revitalizing properties

With so many good skincare ingredients how can you say no?

This is the consistency and texture of Rose-Hip Oil. I find one drop covers my whole face and neck although i have been using it on my arms and legs also because it literally makes my skin glow. I apply it on my face before bed but on my arms and body before i go out because it makes my skin look flawless.

This oil is so hydrating! I have been using this on my face before bed for about four weeks now and i can say i have no dry skin, not even a little bit. It absorbs into my face so well leaving it smooth and the best thing about this product is when i wake up my skin is glowing and my dry skin remains GONE. 

I have a pretty big skincare routine but it is almost all organic so i find it can be a big routine because im not mixing chemical after chemical onto my face. I moisturizer as normal after the shower and about 5-10 minutes before bed i use the Bliss Blend so it can set on my face while i sleep. 

I cant say it enough the smell takes me to another place! That's why i love having it on at all times!

This sells for 43 AUD and you can purchase it here. This is worth every cent because it has such a long lasting result. I find i use products for hydration and they last a week or so and my skin is back to the same condition but with this i feel like it has improved dramatically over the weeks! 

This isn't a super long post because i find the benefits of this are simple, quick and effortless. It is not a hard product to use. I have sensitive skin and have had no side effects, just improvements. 

If your looking for a great serum this is the one!

Has anyone tried this brand? If you haven't you need to get on it asap! They have an amazing range of products for all different skin types, hair care products, gift ideas for mum (which always come in handy, right?) and foot soaks and scent sprays which if your anything like me need in your life. Nothing better than a good mist to refresh your face! 

Mini Disclaimer  As i stated above this product was sent to me but it does not reflect my opinion what so ever. If a product is great i will say it is great, if a product is bad and doesn't work for me i will be professional and contact the company first hand.

I think there is a big difference is saying a product is bad and a product doesn't work for your skin type. I will never bad mouth a company and/or product publicly because what doesn't work on my skin might work wonders for someone else. 

Thanks for reading, 

Dani xo


  1. wow this product sounds great. I've never heard of the brand but I have been looking for a new moisturiser/oil for my face so I will definitely check out their website! Thanks for the post hun xx

    1. Thanks for the comment bebe! Try them out. Its a great product and has been working so so well! xxx

  2. I think I need this.. Dani, why do you do reviews when I'm a broke bitch :(

    1. Hahah sorry my love! Its awesome! Deff a winter must have! xx

  3. i've been searching for a facial oil, this is a great review, will keep this in mind when i get around to purchasing things off the long list of products i want!

    1. Thank you! Yeah keep this in mind because it is amazing! I also have a long long list! x