Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Perfect Palette Tag!

I was tagged in the perfect palette tag (or messy palette tag by the look of mine! by the lovely and gorgeous Erin from The Beauty BoxIm not a palette kind of girl. I find a palette i like and i usually stick it because i think personally its really hard to find great combinations. 

I have four Palettes i wouldn't change and i will be talking about them today.

I have my Melli Cosmetics Palette which is my absolute favorite and you probably saw the messy photo on instagram and then i have my mini essence palette for everyday as well as my two Napoleon Perdis palettes that i have been using for years!

Best Packaging
Hmm i love my Napoleon Perdis palettes. White with the Napoleon branding on the front. Im a sucker for simple classy packaging. 

Best Colour Payoff
This one goes to my Lorac Pro palette, the shadows are so creamy and pigmented. Just amazing, I absolutely love this palette.

Most Versatile 
That would be the Meli Palette. I cant put it down. I use every single colour and its defiantly my "Go - To " This is it below (excuse the messy, but i use it so much) Its every perfect shade of brown/nude/gold!

Best for Travelling
That would be my little mini All About Nude by Essence Cosmetics. This is my second palette and i love it because its tiny enough to fit in my makeup bag but big enough to have a range of colours which are great for the everyday work eye!

Biggest Regret
None at all, like i said at the beginning im very fussy with palettes. I have a lot more single coloured eye-shadows because i know what i want and what suits my eyes.

Best Colour Names
None of my palettes have names! I didnt even realize until now!

Least Used
This Napoleon one. Its a great selection of shades but they are way to dark for my eyes! 

Most Used
My most used palette is defiantly my Melli!

Most Loved
Melli wins again!

Desert Island
I would take my Melli because i cant live without it!

Now i tag the following
Danielle from the goodlifeandstyle She hasnt blogged in a while & i miss her posts!
And anyone else who has done/or would like to do this link me below so i can check it out! 

Thanks for reading, 
Dani xo


  1. that Melli palette sure looks well loved!! thanks for the blogger love babe! xx

    1. Its okay hun! Thanks for the tag, loved it! xx

  2. Ooo the Essence palette! I need to try their eyeshadows. Thanks for the tag love <3

    Nhi | Miss Blushaholic

    1. You need to try this one! So cheap and so good!