Welcome to Lace and Love!

This blog was born on the 12th of February 2013 out of my passion for lovefashion, lifestyle & everything in-between

If i didn't have a place to share my thoughts, ideas, loves and lothes i think my head might just pop off!

On this blog i share my favourite fashion trends, beauty products, relationship questions and thoughts along with a deeper inside into the mind body and soul mixed with health, lifestyle, recipes and a little bit of DIY. 
So I'm pretty much saying this blog is about anything and everything that makes my heart happy or even a little sad because lets face it we are all human and have those moments.

The girl behind the blog?

My name is Dani and I'm a 23 year old from Sydney, Australia. Im a born bred italian which explains my love for bread and wine! I completed a certificate in fashion, glamour and bridal makeup artistry in 2006 with Napoleon Perdis (which explains my love for beauty and well really anything with glitter.. but lets not get off topic!) Soon after i took on an administration role in the heart of Sydney's city dealing with the back end (paperwork side) of insurance and investments, which has me dazing out a window most days thinking about all the things i would rather be doing, like blogging! 

Without rambling on too much i hope you enjoy my blog and i appreciate every single one of you who subscribe, follow and comment. 


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  1. Just discovered your blog from Lipsticks and Coffee's blog from her Liebster Award post. Loving your blog :)