Friday, May 23, 2014

15 Little Tips That Are Fact NOT Fiction

Hey Everyone!
Its finally Friday! (In Australia) so if your one of my Aussie readers, happy Friday!

Some of these beauty tips/facts are common ones you might be aware of and some you might not! For instance if i knew that a potato could de-puff my eye circles, i would of saved alotttt of money!

If i also found out that i needed a certain about of space between my nose and blush, it would of prevented all the years as a teenager i spent looking like Ronald McDonald.

So grab a coffee, cookie or cupcake because its Friday and continue reading!

First thing first - Always allow two fingers from your nose to where your blush starts!

Two - To make your cheekbone appear higher, bronze under the cheekbone and highlight the actual cheekbone.

Three - Clean your makeup bag every 3-6 months to get ride of unwanted or expired products. Read my guide (here) with the breakdown of when to keep or ditch old makeup!

Four - Always exfoliate before apply fake tan. Knees, Elbows and back of your feet are essential to avoid patches or streaking! 

Five - Take a multi-vitamin containing Biotin to help your hair grow!

Six - The best way to pick a foundation colour is to apply it to your jawline in the most natural light possible. 

Seven - Use a cream cleanser when washing your face, they are less drying than gels.

Eight - Keep a blowout lasting longer by sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case

Nine - When you put mascara on dont lower your chin, that's how you get it on your lid!

Ten - Apply cream or cleanser by dabbing upwards to prevent sagging of the skin. 

Eleven - To make lipstick last longer wait a few minutes for it to set and then blot with a tissue, dust them with pressed or loose powder and apply another coat.

Twelve - Wait until after you shower to save. The hair softens giving smoother results.

Thirteen - Apply sunscreen or face cream with SPF daily!

Fourteen - I have said this before and i will say it again, de-puff your eyes with raw potato. Cut two slices and place under eyes for 10 minutes.

Fifteen - To hide chipped nail-polish use a crackle or glitter on top and they will look super cute and brand new!

What tips do you use? Is there anything you would like to see more of on my blog? 
Share your tips and thoughts with me below!

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  1. ohh great tips, especially number one and nine!
    my tips are squeeze half a lemon into warm water and drink twice a day for glowing and pimple free skin!
    Also when applying makeup do you eyebrows before your eyeshadow as they frame the face!


    1. I know right, number one taught me a life lesson before that you would NOT want to see my blush situation lol! I also drink lemon and water its a life saver! x

  2. Number nine could be a game changer! I always get mascara on my lid!

  3. What awesome beauty tips! :)