Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Keep It Or Ditch It? Makeup Expiration Guide

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Hi Lovelies,

Today as i am currently cleaning out my own makeup i thought i would share with you all my makeup expiration guide. I learnt this a few years ago so im a little rusty and when i say rusty i mean im a hoarder and i hate throwing away makeup! Especially if its hardly been used. 

Which brings me to my question, Whats worse? Keeping old makeup and using it once in a while? Or completely doing a makeup check, throwing out your old products and buying new ones (if you need them)?

Throwing them out course! Its pretty self explanatory but using old expired makeup can have horrible effects on your face and we all hate a breakout true? So here we go!

Eye Shadow / Bronzer / Blush - Ditch them after 2 Years

Powers - Ditch them after 2 Years

Lipstick - Ditch them after 2 years

Nailpolish - Ditch them after 2 years

Lip-Glosses - Ditch them after 1 year

Concealer  - Ditch them after 1 year

Foundation - Ditch it after 6-12 Months - You will be able to tell quickly as the foundation hardens or liquefies too much. You can also tell by the smell!
Moisturizers, Serums & Primers - 6-12 Months

Liquid Liners - Ditch it after 6 Months 

Mascara - Ditch it after 3 Months and dont keep it any longer. If your anything like me and have 10 mascaras lined up for back up that you havent touched in months as soon as you open them the smell will tell you they are off. If it doesnt smell funky after 3 months its still in need of replacement! 

So remember if it smells, looks or tastes (joking) funky - Ditch It! 

Here are some quick tips to prolonging the life of your products:

  • Tighten/Secure the lid after each use
  • Keep stored in a draw or cabinet because heat will shorten a products life so avoid sunlight
  • Dont use any lip and eye products you have used if you had an eye infection or coadsore
  • Use a brush, sponge or palette to pour foundation and dont directly touch it with your fingers and always make sure your makeup brush is clean or your sponge is new. LOTS OF BACTERIA ON FINGERS! So avoid that!
Do you have any tips on how to prolong make up life? 
Any beauty related products for that matter? If you do share them below because i would love some more!

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Dani xo


  1. Wow, I have stuff that are well due for ditching! Thanks for this, it will come in handy! haha
    Ps, how's that office job of yours going? :) xx

    What Makes Mary

    1. I feel you! Im such a hoarder that i tend to forget about alot of it and when i look back like yesterday i was like yuck this needs to go right now! Well i havent left yet, im giving my notice Monday! I feel like i need to rejuvenate and find what i want, does that make sense? How are you going with it? xx

    2. I have a few palettes from mac that are 3 years old and have only been used once!! :( haha
      Yep I get ya! I quit it about a month ago! Used my Fiji holiday to recharge a little bit and started my interior design course when I got back. Currently working casual and sometimes I'm a little bit short with money but I haven't been this happy in a while! Goodluck handing it in ! Xx

    3. Haha so do i! I have Napoleon ones from my course just sitting there and im like ugh! I love them so much but im like they need to go now :( Wow thats so good hun! I feel like i need to recharge for a month or two myself. What are you doing for casual work? Im already looking but cant seem to find any so far! I dont mind being short if im happy! Plus i think im overdue for a few sleep ins!

    4. oh my god. In the 2 months that I quit that 9-5 job, I still wake up at 7am! I never used to set an alarm for work, I just wake up at 7 every day. Don't ask how haha. I'm just working at a cafe at the moment which is like 2 minutes away from my place. I'm starting to look for a fulltime job now though, gotta catch up on bills! lol