Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spoil Mum! Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Under $100

Hi Lovelies,

Its that time of year again. Time to celebrate our mothers bringing us into the world and raising us to be the women (or men) that we are today.

I think we should appreciate our parents everyday because life is so short so i always make a point to speak to my parents everyday even though i live at home and be grateful and appreciative of everything no matter how many times they have done the same thing over and over again. 

Dont get me wrong, im no perfect child but i do make sure my parents know just how much i love them all the time. Now enough with the corny family talk lets get into the presents! Besides holidays and birthdays who doesn't love an extra present thrown in? My mum is exactly like me. So believe me when i say she loves presents so much if she had a choice she would ask for one everyday!

Versace Gift Pack 

This contains 5 small bottles of the most popular Versace scents. I dont know anyone who doesn't like receiving perfume as a present! Its one of the best designer brands in the world and very common for women over 30! It sells for AUD 59.00 and you can purchase it (here)

Eco Skin - Essence Of Australia Trio

Im in loveeee with Eco Skin if you haven't tried there products you really need to jump on and get yourself the fresh face kit because it will change your life! I have been using it for about three weeks now and will post a review on it soon, but in the mean time i am frequently checking the site to plan what im going to by the next time my pay rolls around and i found this little gift set which i think would be perfect for mums! Mums need to relax (mine certainly does between me and my sister cause we can be pains in the butt at the best of times) and that's what the power of these oils do! Three bottles with three blends - Vanilla - Eucalyptus & a tranquility blend which is great for calming and relaxing. You can purchase them (here) for AUD 25.00

Dusk Candles

Candles are always a perfect gift. Its that simple! You can purchase this set from Dusk for AUD 29.99 (here) and everything from Dusk smells amazing you cant go wrong. 

Mug Love!

A mug is always a good idea. I cant tell you how many times i see my mum with a tea or coffee in her hand. It sells for AUD 6.95 and im sure something she will appreciate and be proud to use! You can buy it (here)

Picture Frame It!

I think a personalized picture frame is a cool idea too! I find my mum can never have enough picture frames in the house. Does yours? You can find this at Target from AUD 10.50 (here)

L'Oreal Mothers Day Gift Pack - Age Perfect
Who doesn't love skincare? I would buy this for myself if i could. AUD - 70.00 (here)

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So along with all these cute little gifts you can get PJS, Gift vouchers, Hampers and good old flowers! What are you getting your mum?

Dani xo


  1. I was thinking of getting my mum some cute comfy uggs thought she might get some good use out of them. everytime i buy her makeup she never uses it! i do haha!

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    1. Uggs is always a great idea! What did you end up buying?