Monday, March 3, 2014

Mind Body & Soul Monday - 5 Teas That Will Help You Relax

Im going to start off by admitting im not a tea person. I function day to day on a extra large Vanilla Latte, but in the afternoon or before bed i treat myself to a cup of tea because the benefits are endless.

Below are the top five teas in my opinion for your health!

Green tea - Green tea’s antioxidants can prevent the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach and pancreatic cancers. It is proven to prevent clogging of the arteries, burn fat, reduce risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and improve cholesterol levels. It also has been suggested it can help whiten your teeth? Im not sure about that one! People recommend four cups of green tea a day! One is enough for me lol

Lemon & Ginger - This tea is the digestive system saver! Lemon and Giner mixed together is a known digestive aid. The moment my cup is over any bloating i have is gone, which works wonders in that time of the month! Ginger is also warming so it relaxes your body!

Chamomile - The tea has a soothing and mildly sedative effect which helps us to relax after or even during a long and stressful day or as an aid for a good night’s sleep.

Lavender - A cup of lavender tea can soothe your body and induce sleep! If you are feeling down and depressed they say a cup of lavender tea can uplift your spirit.It can also be used (if brought from an organic store as herbs) as a wash on the chest to help breathing issues! It also has healing properties so a little dab of the tea bag helps to heal cuts and ulcers.

And the best kept secret for last!!

Rooibos - Ahh this is my absolute favorite! Also a secret of mine which nobody knows! Now that i have a blog and i have loyal readers they deserve my loyalty. It sounds funny but i promise you this does work!! This tea is high in vitamin C as well as other minerals, this tea is supposed to help with signs of aging! That might be a myth, but if your still reading in 10 years ill let you know! Rooibos tea contains phenyl pyretic acid, which helps to improve acne, psoriasis and eczema. You can apply a freshly brewed and cooled tea bag to the affected areas and it will soothe and heal any inflammation. I kid you NOT this works! I use it on my face once a week and recently had a skin issue similar to eczema from the sunbed and it immediately helped. Has anyone tried Roobios?

Has anyone tried Rooibos? Is there any other teas i should be drinking?
I would loveeee your feedback and some new blogs to checkout and follow!

Dani xo


  1. I drink all except lavender.. but maybe I should try, I am an insomniac at times. Green tea is my favourite but - especially one from T2! Its called Getaway Geisha and it is literally a pina colada in tea form. I'm a big tea drinker though, I own a lot..


    1. I will go and pick that up tomorrow and try it! I love T2 i buy Rooibos from there, but just saying pina colada in tea form? Im on it!!!! As for lavender i feel like I'm drinking a flower lol its not the best taste but I'm also an insomniac at the best of times and I'm always trying to find new ways to get a better sleep lol

  2. Roiboos is one of my favorites as well! And lemon and ginger sounds good! I haven't tried that before :)

    1. Lemon and ginger is really good, i like drinking it when im cold cause it really does warm up my body!

  3. Get yourself down to a T2 store and go mental! My tea recommendations are:

    Melbourne Breakfast - such a lovely afternoon black with milk tea.
    French Earl Grey - Another gorgeous black with milk tea.
    Gorgeous Geisha
    Sencha Peach, Vanilla, Mango etc.
    Sencha Sensation
    China Jasmine
    Tummy Tea (if you have a sensitive tum like I do)
    Detox (full of good stuff for your insides)

    Enjoy !


    1. Thank you sooooo much! I just put them all in my notes! Pay day Thursday! T2 here i come! Tummy tea sounds like it will do wonders for my tum!