Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wear It Wednesday - The Shoes You Might Just Be Tempted To Take A Bite From!

Okay, okay, okay!
I have just discovered this website - Shoebakery!

Can you eat them? Are they a bakery? No no noooo

This is a real shoe collection you can purchase. I am lost for words. 

Designer Chris Campbell has mixed his love of sweets and shoes to create this collection. Basically Shoe Bakery custom make these pieces on request for anyone who is looking for something a little different.

They range between $200-$400 and take up too 3 weeks too design and ship. 

Im not going to lie i want the little sprinkled flats, but for that price i would rather a sprinkled cookie.. Or would i... Every image looks like some kind of cake or cookie, i refuse to believe these are shoes!

What is your opinion on these shoes? Does anyone else think they look like they are from the show Cake Boss? 

Dani xo


  1. Nothing is allowed to look that tasty and not be edible in my opinion.. Haha.

    Btw.. I have tagged you for TMI! Check out my blog. xo

    1. haha tell me about it, im having a hard time adjusting to the fact they cant be eaten!
      Btw thank you i have been waiting to be tagged in a tmi cant wait to read yours!! xx

  2. Omg.. I literally want to just eat those cake shoes! Adorable!