Sunday, March 2, 2014

Suger Coated Sunday - Nutella Filled Strawberries!

Hi Beauties!

How has everyones weekend been so far? As it is getting colder in Sydney, Australia my sweet tooth is at an all time high. What better way than to finish the weekend? I have a really simple quick and easy Nutella stuffed strawberry.. or seven.. or ten.. I can't help myself!

Its easy as can be!

All you do is cut the top of the strawberry off and carve out the core with a small but sharp knife and volaaaaaa!

Put some Nutella in a small but microwave proof bowl or cup and heat for about 30 seconds. 

Use one teaspoon per strawberry, if your like me and love Nutella I'm guilty of forcing in two teaspoons! Im sure everybody has had chocolate fondue right? This is the lazy version as i like to call it. No dipping no dribbling just straight in your mouth. 

I honestly can't think of a better flavour combination! Mmmmm I'm still eating them as i type this, along side with catching up on the Vampire Diaries! Does anybody else watch this show? Damon Salvatore... Perfection! 

Dani xo


  1. Replies
    1. I ate 10+ yesterday! Its safe to say im on a nutella ban till atleast next weekend!
      Ps love your blog just followed and currently stalking it!

  2. This looks tooooo good not to try
    i'm a sucker for anything nutella realted

    1. I know right & its super easy, almost too easy which can be a bad thing lol!