Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet Coconut Oil! What I Like To Call The Miracle In A Jar!

Hi Beauties!

I am cray cray over coconut oil! I put it on my face, my body, into my food and water and well pretty much everywhere and anywhere i can! 

Is anyone else a little crazy over it too?

Of course for anyone new to the world of coconut oil there are a few questions: What do I look for when buying? What’s the difference and what are the benefits? Today i am going to break it down for you the best i can, because i think everybody should be a religious user of this miracle jar!

Knowing the difference between Refined and Unrefined -
Refined coconut oil is made from dry coconut and is almost tasteless, Oh and did i mention it doesn't smell like coconut! (I don't know about you but coconut is one of my favorite scents in the world) The oil can withstand higher cooking temperatures which in the simplest way means its the best too cook with! This one of the the best sources of fatty acid. You can find refined coconut oil in almost every grocery store.
Unrefined coconut oil is usually labeled virgin or extra virgin. There really isnt much difference between the two. It is made from raw coconut meat that has not gone though the drying process. Which makes it a healthier choice than other types of coconut oil because there is absolutely no exposure to chemicals. It can be found in most health food stores, chemists and some grocery stores just check the labels for "Unrefined, Virgin or Organic".
I'm team Unrefined or (Organic) as some like to call it. Why? Unrefined coconut is known for contenting Lauric Acid. That means it fights bacteria and fungus in the body and helps support the immune system. The other benefits? If i get started i wont stop, So I will list a few of my favorites that have been proven to work with me in the last 8 months.
  • Body Scrub - Just combine half a cup of melted coconut oil with 2 cups of raw sugar and a volaaa!
  • Body Moisturizer & Face Moisturizer
  •  Dry feet treatment - Just mix a small amount of oil and raw sugar together and use on the dry areas of your feet.
  • Metabolism booster -Two Teaspoons a day have been proven to rev up your system!
  • When used consistently it can help reduce cellulite & stretch marks
  • Tanning oil 
  • Sunburn relief 
  • One teaspoon raw or in water helps energy levels
  • Helps relieve anything Anti-Fungal related
  • Coconut water helps with migraines 
  • Small amount on the ends of hair help with dryness, fizz & split-ends
  • Makeup Remover
The two i use are here & here! They dont leave you out of pocket and the benefits are endless. 

Dani xx


  1. Hey, love the blog, I nominated you for the Liebster award, click on my blog to have a look at your questions:
    Eleanor x

  2. Yes I absolutely love my coconut oil! I tell everyone how great it is, such a miracle worker.
    great to see other people are as enthusiastic about it as I am!
    Danica xx

    1. Thanks bebe! Im the same! Cant image living without it now!