Saturday, February 15, 2014

Anyone Else Victoria Beckham Obsessed?

Hello Lovers,

Im spending Saturday night in bed with a massive food coma (I just baked a fresh batch of chocolate fudge cupcakes) Needless to say, I made 12 and I'm currently eating my 6th! Icing sugar overload? I think so.. While doing this i was watching the Victoria Beckham E True Hollywood Story. 

Which gave me the perfect idea for my next post. Who is my style icon? Victoria without a doubt! Although Nicole Richie and Miranda Kerr follow behind pretty closely. Does anybody else share my VB obsession? If your anything like me you have been following her style since she was "Posh Spice" in the Spice Girls. 

She is so simple, Yet so classy and i can't seem to get enough. I constantly find myself recreating her outfits and pinning her to my pinterest a little too much!  Click here to see just how vb crazed i am!  

This brings me to her fashion line! There is nothing more i want than to own an authentic piece of her clothing, but the price tags? Not in my league at the moment. Although i would do anything for this White Fall Coat with the gold chain detail on the left hand side (especially since in Australia we are just about to go into the colder months) At this point there is nothing more i want in my life! I though i would add some photos of her 2014-Fall Collection because its all thats on my mind tonight!

 If i could have any designer wardrobe. It would be hers. Hands Down!

Dani xx


  1. I have always been obsessed. She's perfection ! And her babies are so so gorgeous. I want her life !

    Thank you for the follow ! Love your blog !