Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hello blogging world!

   Hi Lovers!
My name is Dani and you can read all about me and why i started this blog here! I have to admit I'm kind of nervous about writing my first post, but here goes..

Im going to focus on everything from fashion and beauty all the way through to love and lifestyle. I don't have one specific niche i have hundreds. I mean don't we all have passion for a crazy amount of things? Sometimes all i want to do is try different beauty products or try new outfits on and build them on Polyvore (which i will soon be sharing with you all!) then sometimes all i want to do is bake cupcakes and make crafty things, and then there are the nights where all i want to do is put on an episode of Law and Order SVU or read a book. 

What are your niches?

I hope you enjoy my blog and the different aspects I'm going to bring to it everyday. I hope i can make some of you smile, feel positive and inspired along with giving you some fun and yummy ideas that maybe you can do in your down time like i do. I promiseee i will try and keep you all happy!
Feedback and Requests are always appreciated.
I would love to get too know and follow as many of you as i can.

                       Dani xo

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  1. love your blog, its full of things every girl loves, you also are very funny with your post in which i like. I am a blogger as well and started 1 month ago..check it out, let me know what you think. nothing better than a girl to girl inspiration.
    Chow are couture