Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The BEST Oils For Your Skin - Not Food... Well some can be for food too!

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Hi Beauties, 

Today as i was applying some coconut oil to my face i asked myself "when did using things we eat become skin saviours? 

Thats when it dawned on me that natural oils and foods are actually the best things for your skin and i came to the conclusion that if someone opened my skincare draw they would think it was meant for my kitchen not my face.

Today I'm going to share with you what i personally think are the best skin care oils and why.

First off I'm only 23 but i also am guilty of eating too much sugar, drinking too much coffee and smoking way to many cigarettes so i invested in some anti-aging oil.

Flaxseed Oil is great for anti-aging as it softens skin and provides essential fatty acids. The benefits of this are great for your overall health, it a high in fibre content which keeps your heart healthy along with lowering your cholesterol and and blood pressure. It sells for AUD 19.00 and you can find it (here)

Next is all about moisturising and my number one go-to is Coconut oil. Not only does it keep the skin super hydrated and soft it also is ESSENTIAL in protecting and reducing bad bacteria on your skin! I wrote a post on the benefits when i first started my blog you can check it out (here) It sells for AUD 10.00 or so i use the Ecocare and you can purchase it (here)

Ofcourse the main oil we all want and need and most of us use is problem solving oil. Can you guess what I'm about to say? Rose-Hip Oil? You guessed right! Not only is it Miranda Kers best kept beauty secret it is also so popular and well known and used because of its Vitamin A which helps to reduce scars and skin imperfections! Rose Hip oil is sold at any major supermarket, chemist or priceline and RPs for about AUD 16-20 dollars. I use the Sukin (here) and hand bag mini Natskin (here)

And last but not least is oils that calm and repair your skin! Chamomile Oil which like the tea has amazing benefits! It possess anti-inflamatry properties which calm especially in cases of sunburn, eczema and overly dry and irritated skin! You can find this in Priceline or health food stores selling for about AUD 19.00 you can find it online (here)

So lovelies those are my top four skincare oils! I have seen the longterm results in using these (especially coconut oil) and i swear by them! I know some people are not sure if the hype is true, some people purely dont like the feeling of applying face oil but i urge you to try one of these out! Even something basic like Rose-Hip oil which is so popular now days!

Is there any other miracle oils i should try? Does anyone else use the same oils as me?

Thanks for reading!

Dani xx

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  1. Awesome post! I didn't know about some of these. I do love using my rosehip oil though. I have the one from Sukin as well xx

  2. Great blog post! I never thought about things like this for the face. I might have to try some!! X

  3. do you use these all at once and do you usually use a moisturiser on top of the oil
    thanks for the post (=