Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Right Way To Wash Your Hair. Are You Doing It Wrong?

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Today i thought i would have a Q & A with my mum about how to wash hair properly. My mum is a hairdresser (winning) for the most part that is unless its going blonde (she wants nothing to do with that) When my mum isn't washing my hair in a hair basin i notice several things. Its too oily, its too dry. I have a flakey scalp. I have dry ends and oily roots.


With that being said it all comes down to one thing. How do i wash my hair? Until now its been pretty simple. Shampoo once, shampoo twice and conditioner once. I hardly do treatments until now i have been using an amazing one from Goldwell with a review coming soon but too cut a long post short, i realised my mum has a complete different way of doing it. I thought she was just being fancy but in fact there is such thing as a "right way".

1 - Of-course start with a rinse! You wouldnt wash dirty dishes without rising them would you? A quick rinse removes oils and products trapped in the hair and that is essential before lathering up your shampoo!

2 - Next if you have long hair (I'm talking from shoulder area and down) you actually have to condition your ends first! Running a small amount of conditioner though the ends of your hair actually keeps your ends healthier and boots smoothness and shine!

3 - Dont Rinse And Repeat! Im so so guilty of this! I love my rinse and repeat but in fact it isn't so great . A double shampoo only strips the hair. You are actually only meant to double up if the first shampoo didn't produce a lather! (Now i find it hard to believe anyones hair is dirty enough to do that?) 

4 - Add conditioner from the mid to tips. Most of us are familiar with this one the reason they say that is because the natural oils from your hair are consintrated from your scalp and we kind of need that to avoid a scalp of dandruff.

5 - MY LEAST FAVOURITE THING EVER - Finish with a cold rinse. Yeah you heard me imagine rinsing off your hair with cold water in the middle of winter (if your from Australia) it is freezing for us over here so that is the last thing i personally want to do but the cold water seals a shine like layer which when dry helps give off the most shine!

So do you wash your hair the right way? I am trying to adjust to giving my hair a proper salon wash on a daily basis but my hair is too long and i am too impatient (lazy) and want it done quickly, although when i do it this way i notice i can go 2 or 3 days without any oiliness which is great!

Thanks for reading!

Dani xo

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  1. Rinsing my hair with cold water gives it the best shine, it just takes me a moment of small courage at the moment

    1. haha i try so hard but its just too cold at the moment to do it!

  2. i'm with you there, a cold rinse is not my cup of tea but it does wonders for your hair!

    1. I think in summer its so good and refreshing but winter no thank you!! xx

  3. Awesome post!!! There are a lot of thingds in here I'm guilty of not doing! Xx

    1. Thanks babe! Me too! Its all baby steps! haha x

  4. Your mum is a hairdresser? You're winning at life! ;) x