Monday, June 30, 2014

Mind, Body & Soul Monday - What Makes Me Feel Good Outside Helps Me Feel Good On The Inside!

Hi Beauties,

Todays Mind, Body & Soul Monday is all about the things that make me feel good on the good side because i am a firm believer that when you look your best you feel your best!

I would say skincare wise i use pretty much everything and anything and try and focus on most of that being organic. 

Lately i have found the perfect "Pamper Combo" as i like to call it. Once a week i give myself 1-2 hours of beauty time, i will be doing face masks, trying new makeup looks, playing with creams and tans and that leads to either being exteremly different shades of colour wether it be my lips, tan, eyes or what not i always make sure i find things that make me feel good!

So what are the current products that aren't leaving the Pamper shelf?

First and foremost my obsession with Sukin Skincare is unnatural. I own every product of theres because it is one. all organic and two. all natural and when the Derma Sukin range came out i was super exited. I dont usually have sensitive or oily skin but i do have an imbalance in Summer i can be oily around my t-zone and in Winter well forget it! I get so try around my nose, my lips i pretty much just fall apart but this Derma Sukin is an Intense Hydrating Cream and boy does it do the job!

I got mine from Priceline for AUD of around $14.00 - You can read more about it here

Next is how do you say it? THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! I was recently lucky enough to receive some amazing goodies from MU Australia (here) I was sent the LOVE & TOAST Sea Salt Body Moisturiser and Shower Cream (the shower cream is not pictured cause i used it all up within two weeks because it smells so divine and left my skin so soft! Which the body moisturiser also does. 

The reason i love it so much is because the scent has a hint of citrus which is so refreshing for the mornings! Not to mention Love & Toast is NO PARBEN - NO SULFATE - NO PHTHALATES AND ITS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! Sorry for the capital spazz but i have so much respect for companies who work hard to deliver the best natural products possible! You can buy the Body Cream (here) and the shower cream (here) They RP for AUD 20.00 but they are having a sale at the moment and are half price so check it out! 

Also on the list is my Eco Face Toning Mist. I did a review on it (here) It is one of the best products i own and besides the Mac Refreshing Mist i wont be using anything other than the Eco Face! This is sprayed on after i use a little Rose-Hip Oil on my skin and have come to love the Nat-Skin care one. I also did a review on it (here)

The final two are my must haves on every occasion. 

David Babaii Hair Care is one of the best hair care brands i have come across. I have fallen in love with his Instant Straightening Balm (here) This is AUD - 24.50 and worth every penny! David Babaii products are all sulfate and parben free which is another must for hair care! I use this once a fortnight once i wash my hair. A quick towel dry with a 5 cent piece amount rubbed into the ends of my hair and volaaa! Once i blow dry my hair there is not a bit out of place, no frizz, no puff, no kink and it lasts about 4 days!

Last is of course the One and Only - ST TROPEZ Bronzing Mouse - If you are familiar with my blog or instagram i have mentioned this brand more than once. I have very pale skin and i struggle to use fake tan or even spray tan because i always and i mean always come out orange and streaky! Im not going to lie i would rather walk around like a little ompa lompa than have streaks up and down my arms and legs. That was until i found St Tropez this is lightweight, doesnt leave you sticky or with a bad smell and within 4-6 hours can we washed off to reveal a soft, EVEN and BROWN tan.

You can find St Tropez at any major Myer and/or David Jones along with Priceline and Chemist Warehouse it sells for around AUD 37.00. You can find it (here)

I know this post was a little long but i thought i would make a point that these products nourish my skin, leave me feeling happy and pretty and thats something that does wonders for my soul!

What are your feel good products? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading!

Dani xo

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  1. I really need to try St Tropez! I've heard so many good things about it :)

    Cloudy Coconut

    1. Its so great and worth every cent! Its a little pricey but nothing works as good! Ps I'm in love with your blog xx