Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NAT. Skincare Review - A Replenish Exfoliating Treatment We All Need!

Hello Beauties!

First review back after my hiatus and i have been so keen to share this one with you all.

The lovely people at Nat Skin care sent me a little package to try. It contained Rose Hip Oil which we all know and love and also a replenishing exfoliating treatment. Which is something i have been needing! 

First off, if you haven't heard of Nat Skin let me give you a little run down. Nat Skin has been developed from the Natalie Group. They are one of Australia's leading beauty, skin and aromatherapy manufacturers. The Nat Skin range has been specifically designed to restore balance, beauty and health for all women & men too!

Now lets get to the fun part!

The product itself is a treatment containing rice bran extracts to soften and brighten the skin (and it really does!!) It contains Vitamin A and pro B5 to help improve skin elasticity!

The break down of the ingredients is as follows:

Rice Bran Extract - Helps soften and smooths skin

Vitamin A - Increases skin elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Vitamin E - Helps repair the top layer or skin and has antioxidant properties which help maintain cell integrity

Vitamin B - Helps soften the skin and strengthen the cell membrane 

All sounds great doesn't it? As you all know i love organic and natural products and the list above is the main reason why! 

After using this once a week for two months i can tell you this, my skin is softer, smoother and brighter. I have found that it really does energise my skin and i find it great to use in the morning ran than at night mainly for that reason.

This product sells for AUD 49.00 and is worth every cent (here) This will be a regular of mine as i find it really has improved my skin tone overall. I can't go a week without using it because my skin just does not feel the same!

You can check out all of the products here as well as the stocklists for all over Australia and for all my American readers.

Has anyone tried a product from this range? I would love to invest in some more!

Mini Disclaimer  This product was sent to me but it does not reflect my opinion what so ever. If a product is great i will say it is great, if a product is bad and doesn't work for me i will be professional and contact the company first hand.

I think there is a big difference is saying a product is bad and a product doesn't work for your skin type. I will never bad mouth a company and/or product publicly because what doesn't work on my skin might work wonders for someone else. 

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