Monday, June 23, 2014

Mind Body & Soul Monday - Getting The Balance Back In Your Life!

Hi Lovers,

Do you ever just stop and think "When was the last time i did something for myself?" I am constantly feeling that way lately. As you can tell by my lack of posting my life has done a backflip. I have been very unbalanced to say the least. 

I have lost track of everything around me. Do you ever wake up and just want to quit your job? Do you ever over think a situation so much it begins to consume your everyday life? Those are just a few examples because if i told you everything that was going on in my head, this would turn into a book!

Today i want to give you a few quick and easy tips to help you bring back the balance in your life. At the end of the day the most important thing in the world is YOU. 

It was only a few weeks ago that i really realised how much attention i stopped giving myself and how much i gave others. Always stressing about work, always over thinking the past and over analysing the future, and lets face it i am no Phoebe from Charmed. As much as i wish i could see how my life will turn out i can't.

That is when i decided i need to make some changes. My life has been completely out of balance the last four years that i have had moments that i have looked in the mirror and not recognised myself. 

So first thing is first!

Grab a piece of paper and draw a chart! Draw a big circle and section it off. Work - Play - Exercise - Home - Family - RELAXATION and section them off in how much time you spend on these areas and lets put it this way my chart was looking like 50% work 50% worrying about a situation i can't change. I was literally letting the bad things that happened in my life control my life.

Next i want you to gain insight. I mean really look at your chart and ask yourself, Why dont i have the right balance? Make a list reasons then make a rule with yourself that you will NOT blame those circumstances anymore. (This was a little tricky for me because i started blaming the circumstances, circumstances.. If that makes sense!) 

Now the hard part - Commit To Change - I think we can all admit we dont like change, and we can also admit its pretty damn good for us! Choose the one area in your life thats most out of balance and write down what your going to do to change it, and stick with it!

My favourite part of getting my life back on track was booking in one day a month to have a complete relaxation day. Movies, food and face masks all night long in my robe with a candle on. In saying that this is a MUST day. Nothing can come between your relaxation day (unless its urgent of course) Now what are you waiting for BOOK IT IN!

Finally the SLL - Slow Down - Laugh - Look After Your Body.
Its pretty self explanatory and dont get me wrong this is the part that i have struggled with the most. Im not the type of girl that can slow down let alone look after my body because i love me some cake! I do laugh a lot though and there is a saying that laughing adds 60 on to your laugh. So laugh as much as you can. Laugh right now, and keep laughing!

So pretty much finding the balance in your life means focusing on you and learning to say NO when your tired, run down or just feeling plain old lazy. Once you start to give one part of your life too much attention everything else kind of slowly drops off. 

You can loose people you love, believe me i would no first hand that giving someone everything i had meant loosing the best people in my life. I will NEVER forgive myself for it but i will never put myself in that position again because you have to be cruel to be kind! Which means you have to be a little selfish. My life is more about me now. Its still a day to day effort of balancing my life but I'm getting there!

What about you? How do you balance your life?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I think it can be so hard to balance your life in this modern day and age so it's definitely important to take some time out to focus on yourself. I like to set aside at least an hour each day to do something really relaxing on my own like a bubble bath or even just reading a book. Having relaxation time is the best way to put things back into perspective.

  2. Very true! I agree with everything you said! the most important thing is to focus on yourself.When you do that everything slowly falls into place. Excellent tips!