Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where Did My Happiness Go? Does The " Perfect Life" Really Exist? Follow These 12 Steps For A Happier Life!

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Hey lovelies,

Today im feeling a little down on the happy scale. Do you ever wake up in the morning and say what am i doing with my life? I mean, i am not an ungrateful person at all. I appreciate everything i have but i feel like something is missing. More so my happiness is missing. Im not the same girl i was a few years ago and that scares me a little. 

There has to be more to life than making your bed in the morning, going to work and repeating the same routine everyday right? I have all these big dreams. I want to have a successful blog, i want to travel around the world and a part of me never wants to come back if i do that. I want the perfect friendships and relationships but in retrospect there is NO such thing as perfect and that is the reason im writing this post. 

I feel like there is a big stereotype around being "the perfect life" You know the girl who has the perfect life on instagram? What if she goes home everyday and cries herself to sleep? Or the friendly lady who serves you lunch everyday? What if she has lost someone she loves? The people you catch the train with? How many people wear a fake smile everyday to mask the pain of whats going on in there life? What about people who claim to have the perfect relationship? Yet behind closed doors are getting abused or cheated on? Let me tell you all something.. There is no such thing as perfect. The right friend, the right partner the right people in general, the people who are good for you, They will think the sun shines out of your a$s (even at the worst of times!). 

When someone is genuinely happy you can feel it, there happiness has a way of making you happy but when its forced everyone can feel the negativity around you and it brings others down. I feel like i owe alot of people an apology for spending many years being in such a negative head-space. 

I wouldn't say i have overcome it yet, but i am improving little by little every day. When im feeling down i read over a list called "12 Things Happy People Do Differently" It seems simple, but when you are feeling down you seem to forget these simple things. Which are;

1 - Express Gratitude 
When you appreciate what you have, what you have appreciates in value. If we aren't thankful for whatever we have, we will have a hard time being happy.

2 - Cultivate Optimism 
 If you think optimistically you see the world as a packed place with endless opportunities, Especially in trying times. 

3 - Avoid Overthinking & Social Comparison
I think 99% of people struggle with this on the daily. We must remember if we compare ourselves to others it can be poisonous. As well as too much over thinking. 

4 - Acts Of Kindness
Selflessly helping someone is a super powerful way to feel good from the inside out.

5 - Nurture Relationships
If it be family, friends or a partner. Hold the people you love close to you and appreciate them.

6 - Develop Strategies For Coping
It helps to have someone to talk to when your down, or like me i use meditation when i am down and out and i find it really helps. Anything you find relaxes you or makes you feel a little better go ahead and do it! You want to spend $1000 shopping? Do it. Whatever makes you feel that little bit better!

7 - Learn To Forgive 
Holding onto hatred is horrible for your well-being. I know alot of people don't deserve forgiveness but forgive them anyway and move on because you will be happier in the long run.

8 - Increase Flow
Flow is a state in which it feels like time stands still. It is when nothing can distract you.

9 - Savoir Life's  Joys 
When something makes you happy! Slow down and prevaricate the moment. There is no rush.

10 - Practice Spirituality
This is my favorite one! If you read my Mind Body and Soul Monday Post (here) you will know i am a very very spiritual person. When you practice spirituality or religion it makes us recognize life is bigger than just us.

11 - Commit To Your Goals
Magical things start happening when we commit ourself to doing whatever it takes to get somewhere.

12 - Take Care Of Your Body
Taking care of your body is one of the most important things in living a happy life. It doesn't mean you cant enjoy that cake, cake, cake (sorry, happens every time i say cake!) but what you put in, reflects on how you look and how you feel. So take it easy!

I know this is a random post as i usually don't post on Thursdays, let alone get super duper personal about how i feel but i think it is essential for everyone to mix these 12 steps into their routine. I feel alot better since i started being more open to everything. Nothing is perfect and i think we all need to stop beating ourselves up if someone has it better than us, we need to remember there are hundreds and thousands of people who have it alot worse. This is why i make a point in alot of my posts to be appreciative, and take care of your body and your overall health because mentally it can change your life. 

What do you think? Have you been in a rut lately? What do you find works to cheer you up? Thanks for reading, and remember when your feeling down.. BREATHE and remember its not a permanent feeling. Everything gets better. I promise.

Dani xo


  1. I understand ur feeling, i did had same problem as u, but now I'm busy around, time pass quickly n smooth, I'm sure you wil b okay as well, it just take times <3

    1. Thanks darl! I think im just having a quarter life crisis and a little lost. Ill get past it! xx

  2. the best girl <3 love it, its true. yknow im always here shaniq

    1. shaniq & laqish ride or die #bloggerfolife hahah

  3. This post is so relevant to me right now and it was great to read those steps. I do love my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything but sometimes I feel like I could be more or doing more. I need to learn to not be so anxious about the future!

    Chantalle x

    1. Yeah im in the same boat. I feel like something is missing as much as i appreciate what i have i just feel down and out! Im really glad you enjoyed it and found the steps relevant. They really do help! Im also obsessing over your blog so i am off to stalk it from top to bottem xx

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