Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wear It Wednesday - Drunk Inlove....With Black Embossed Snake Skaters!

Hey Beauties,

I am loving skaters! (The name skaters not so much) I actually never thought i would be owning a pair myself but i tried them on and i feel inlove. Some of you might have seen my Oroton ones on my instagram (here) which are my favorite shoes to date but they are expensive and i do not want to wear them out too quickly so i have been on the hunt for a cheaper version. 

Everywhere i looked was out of a size 6. Every shoe i seem to fall inlove with is lacking in a size 6. Why do we all have to have such small feet? 

Until the other day when i walked into TopShop and found these Snake skin skaters (not real snake skin ofcourse) which you can purchase here or from your local Topshop

Does anyone have these or something similar? I would love some more outfit ideas! I feel like they can be worn with just about anything.

This is a small post, I'm so sorry! I have been so busy for the last two weeks i haven't even had time to schedule in my posts, this weekend i will be going forward having a day or two done in advanced. I dont sleep much at night anyway so i have plenty of time so write you some good quality posts. Although i am really sorry this one is tiny!

Forgive me?

Thanks for reading,

Dani xo


  1. Oh i want a pair of these but in leopard print! ive been looking everywhere for the perfect pair

    1. If you find them in leopard tell me! I have leopard loafers but i want this style!

  2. lovely post,
    I want one of these, it seem comfortable shoes,

    1. They are super comfy and really affordable! You should get a pair they go well with everything! Surprisingly even tracksuitpants! xx