Monday, April 7, 2014

Mind, Body & Soul Monday - A Meditation Exercise

Hi loves!

I have been super anxious and stressed lately and when i say lately i mean the last two years i have spent suffering from pretty bad anxiety although i have been making slow (very slow) but positive changes in my life and i have found meditating to be a savior. I was skeptical at first because i didn't understand it so i did my research, went to some classes and now want to share a meditation exercise with you all. Believe me, it does work. 

Nothing feels better than having a moment to breathe and just clear your mind. There is nothing more powerful than your own thoughts. They can eat you alive if you let them and i know everyone is no stranger to being down in the dumps or "in a black hole" as i call it at certain points in life. 

We have 1440 minutes in a day, and i hope some of you will use this exercise guide for 20-30 minutes a day because it will improve your overall mental state in due time. I know it has helped me, now i religiously wake up, wash my face, and sit in solitude every morning for 20 minutes.

The first thing you have to do is eliminate the bad thoughts and replace them with a positive.
How many times a day do you blame, predict, over think or over generalize? Now firstly im not saying you "cant" think that way because that wouldn't be impossible but i am saying that most of those thoughts need to hit a stop sign before they take over your life. I let that happen and i was a miserable person for a long time because of it.

I know it sounds easier said than done, and its true i wont lie. Letting go of emotional baggage, the thoughts that you replay in your mind is not easy but i have now learnt that when you think of a negative replace it with a positive because soon enough those bad thoughts will be hitting a stop sign because your over powering them with the positive ones! 

So here goes!

1. Find a relaxing place. This can be anywhere you feel comfortable aslong as you are alone and it is quiet. Sit on the floor (I sit on a yoga mat but you don't have too) and start to relax your body by breathing in and out and bring to mind the image of a circle. Focus on the circle and don't let other thoughts intrude.

2. Now imagine a single digit number. Focus on it and then add another number on it, and another and another.

3. Gradually let the numbers move away from your mind. It will be challenging so practice this. (It sounds funny but once your in the state of mind, you will enjoy it)

4. Now focus on a single thought - The color of your wall, your pet, your shoes or pants. Something simple that is surrounding you and push away any other thoughts and keep focusing on what you chose.

5. Focus on an affirmation now. Choose the right thought for you, that's relevant to the situations you are facing something like "You'll be fine" "I can do this" etc.

6. Think about why you chose that affirmation take in the feeling of calmness.

7. Finally count backward from 6 and take a deep breathe and get up (or go to sleep) with a positive fresh mind.

Once you begin to do this more often, invite the anxious thoughts in and push them away by replacing them with the positive affirmation. This heaps because my mind almost automatically replaces the bad with the good. I feel like one side of my brain is kicking the other and saying "bye,bye,bye" too the bad thoughts!

I know at first it sounds a little funny, especially if your not familiar with meditation. I have come to find in my 20s i have turned into a very spiritual person. I really do enjoy doing this because i feel like once you get the hang of it, you really see a change in your mentality. I spent a long long time saying "I need this" When really i should of been saying "I want this" Need is a negative. You wont get what you "need" you will get what you "WANT"

Do you agree? Does anybody else spend time meditating? Does anyone have tips or tricks for dealing with anxiety? Let me know in the comment box!

Dani xo


  1. This is interesting, I should try this at home. Lately I feel I'm filled with so much negativity that I constantly feel irritated all the time. Thank you for the pointers :)

    xxx MODEmoiselle

    1. Thank you! Yeah i know how you feel. The negativity can get the best of us at most times but try and replace them with positive thoughts your mind will get used to it and it will just happen! xxx

  2. I should definitely try this considering my stress levels have hit 100%. thanks Uni.
    I've just been doing yoga lately but just makes me think about things more, ah!
    anyway, great tips!
    Danica xx

    1. Thanks Love! I know what you mean, at first when i used to sit down and try and do this i felt like i used to think about things more and it got worse until i actually did the exercises until i just felt a little more at ease! Try and incorporate it after yoga and see how you go!

  3. Very interesting post and useful tips!I also used to suffer from severe anxiety but now I can control it. I still haven't overcome it 100% but I think its just something that needs alot of time. I do almost everything you mentioned in the list and recently have started doing alot more yoga than I used to. I agree that positive affirmations are crucial in felling and getting better!

    1. Thanks darling! How do you control it? Any tips! Im not near over coming mine either but i find this helps when i get worked up! I must try and start doing yoga! xxx