Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Round Up - Links I Loved This Week!

Its already Sunday, Can you believe it? Back to work tomorrow! Ugh Monday is always such a hard day! This week i found myself looking over the same links over and over again!

First and for most is my Friday Favourites Post (here) Its the longest post I've ever written and it was also a little scary because i wasn't sure how my readers would react. I think honesty is the best policy in all aspects of life so I'm really proud of the guts it took me to right this post and i hope its also made some people who are sceptical see this is actually very natural, safe and not the duck lip stereotype that comes with it!

If any of you are familiar with the site you will know the beauty editor Kristina always brings her A game when she writes a post! She is so informative and doesnt shy away from giving fellow bloggers and readers the best tips and tricks of the trade. This week she organised her makeup space. Something i have been needing to do verrrrrrry badly! Take a look (here)

She is also open and honest with the fact that if you haven't used a product in two months it needs to GO! Im guilty of this, i dont want to let go of the products i dont use, but i also can't let them sit there and rot. Maybe see if a friend wants them or like me a younger sister who takes most of my stuff anyway (sorry if your reading this les!)

Well on the Bethenny show this week she had a segment with DIY decor trends under $20 (here)
It can be really expensive to decorate your house or even your room and I'm constantly googling DIY and this week i saw this on tv and its great! She gives you a cheat on those amazing fluffy pillows that cost $100? No thank you the secret is you can use FABRIC! Take a look!

What is normcore? Read this Vogue article (here) and have a look at the new fashion trend that is about to hit and the key pieces you need! Looks like this will be my go-to winter look! Baseball caps? Dont mind if i do! 

Last but not least tonight while I'm blogging I've got F.R.I.E.N.D.S in my dvd player. I will never get sick of this show and believe me i know 90% of Chandler Bings one-liners. It reminded me of a post i saw on tumblr along time ago (credit to whoever made this, its PURE GENIUS) You guys might have to zoom up on this one, the picture is only small but worth the read if your a friends fan, its so accurate! 

Thanks for reading loves! Dont forget tomorrow is Mind, Body & Soul Monday!

Dani xo


  1. Haha that Friends list is amazing! It's my favourite show of all time, I think I cried on the very last episode! I just stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did, i think we have very similar styles. I look forward to more posts from you. I'm your newest follower- if you get the time, check out my blog and if you like it, please follow back :)

    Elif xx

    1. Its so good isnt it! I always cry on the last episode and i really have watched it too many times! I love your blog too, i just followed you on everything :) xxx

  2. Friends has always been my all-time favourite show! I think I have actually watched all 10 series at least ten times, it's a bit ridiculous, haha. The show is just that good though! My favourite time to watch, or rather listen, has become in the mornings as I'm getting ready because I know the show so well I don't have to actually watch but I feel like I am as I'm listening to it. Probably a strange habit, haha. Hope you have a lovely week to come :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. Thank you! You have a great blog im on there now i just followed :) Its funny you say that but im the same! When its on foxtel i put it on and ill blog or read or do other things but still listen to it, laugh and say the one-liners when they are due! Best show ever, such a same it ended!

  3. This is awesome, so funny how I can watch this over and over my ultimate fave!!

    1. I know i totally agree! Its one show i can never get sick of watching!