Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites - Lip Fillers! (Not Botox) The Controversy Regarding them, why I have and love them, AND what you need to know if your considering them!

Hi Lovelies!

Today i want to talk about lip fillers. The reason this is a Friday Favorite is because i have had them done (for the third time) and if i am using, trying, wearing something more than once it counts as a favorite of mine. I want to talk about this because i think before doing them everyone should be properly informed. I'm in no means an expert and im not telling you to go out and do this, because if its not for you, its not for you. It is a sensitive and controversial topic for some but im sure all of my readers have open minds and wont judge this. 

If its something you have thought about, Googled, or even considered because a friend has done it or its been a recommendation at a beauty clinic, you should continue reading. One thing i do show you is the REAL before and after photos! When you research lip fillers you see the good, settled perfect lip minus the swollen one you have for 1-3 days afterwords and that's something you need to take into consideration before you try this.

First this is going to be a long ass post, so bare with me ladies. I want to inform you with what i have learnt from this not just quickly bullet point you through something that does take serious thinking because A) It can change your appearance if it isn't done correctly and B) Its hella expensive! Im not going too lie the price ranges from $350 on-wards (if you want a good job done) So what are dermal fillers? For people who are unfamiliar this is not botox there seems to be a misconception with fillers. They are administered the same way through little needles, but the difference is they are not permanent!

What are Dermal FillersDermal fillers are made from hyaluronic gel, a natural sugar already present in the human body. Fillers can be used to add volume and hydration to lips, cheeks, chin, nose, the jawline and under the eyes. They can even be used to reduce scarring, and results can last for up to two years.  

Juvederm & Restylane are sterlie gels cosisiting of NON-animal, cross-linked, hyaluronic acid. HA is a natrual sugar found in skin. They fillers themself contain NO DNA and have the best saftey profile of all the fillers on the market! 

Juvederm VS Restylane - Which is the better filler? Both of these brands have more similarities than differences. They are made the same, they are both made from hyaluronic jel. The difference one is softer than the other and thats Juvederm. In saying that when you go to get dermal fillers you will get asked which one you prefer and for that reason i will break down the difference and give you my personal opinion. 

Juvederm - This filler causes less puffiness for the first few days after treatment, Its also slightly smoother and softer.

Restylane - This filler in my opinion causes much more puffiness than Juvederm because the gel is slightly thicker and not as soft once it is injected.

How long do they last? As i said above dermal fillers are not permanent they can be completely dissolved if you are unhappy and even fine tuned if you feel they are a little too big! so depending on the filler used and the place it is injected its 6 months - 2 years.

Lip fillers they say last up to 9 months. I went almost a year before redoing mine for the second time so this is a pretty accurate time frame. 

How is it done? What does it feel like? - So many offices use a topical skin anesthetic to make you "comfortable" which means NUMB AS F###! during the injections. I couldn't feel my lips, i was dribbling out of them so bad (sorry if that turns any of you off) but in saying that it is because the cream sits on for 15-30 minutes and almost completely numbs the injection area. Prior to this you would have discussed what it is you want done, some people want to smooth out there lips, others want a more defined cupids bow (which is what i did) and others just want the outer or inner corners a little fuller. Once you are finished you might feel discomfort, but you will definitely feel swelling (unless your super duper lucky) so ask them for a cold pack, My second and third time around i made sure i did that!

How much does it cost? Anywhere between $350 onwards depending what you use and where you go. For either of these fillers they range from $389-$450. I know this is aloooot of money which can be spent on way better things, but it is something i have always wanted to try and i know a lot of people who have done them and they look natural, and honestly i haven't even noticed.

Right after treatment your pretty super duper major ass swollen, i wont lie the first night i was just a little swollen but when i woke up, my lips looked 3 times the size, as the second and third day go by they almost settle down completely! Fast forward to a week later? Perfect.

The next day
Day 3

As you can see only my top lip has changed the cupids bow as they call it was injected in both sides and inflated a little as i like to call it just to give it more definition. 

This was a choice i made because i have a very small fine top lip, you dont need to use the whole amount which is usually 1mill. The consultant will study your lips and tell you what will and wont work for you to achieve the most natural look possible! 

In the end nobody ever noticed (besides the people who saw me within the first three days) Its something that boosted my self confidence which at the time i was lacking because I've always been insecure about my lips. I did them at Sydney Laser Clinic and she did an amazing job, she really took her time every single time and made sure they looked as natural as possible (the duck lips are a misconception! Unless you choose that look yourself) And hey if you like it I'm not going to judge you! I know a lot of people are against this and i understand why, all i ask is you look at this with an open mind because i want to be honest and informative with my readers at all times, even if some of my favourite things are the things you hate.

What do you think of this? Does anyone else use dermal fillers? Is anyone against them and why? Or is anybody keen to try them? Is there anymore questions you need to ask?

I know this was a super long post girls so thank you for reading! All the love in the world!

Dani xo 


  1. love this girl! plus they look amazing as well, really natural!

  2. I'm so afraid of lip fillers! I'm afraid they will turn out like fish lips, but it looks like you already had fuller lips so, they do look even better.

    1. Thank u! I was scared for a really long time too, it's all about finding the right consultant I think they look really natural but I won't like second day swelling is fish lips! I make sure I do them on a Friday afternoon so by Monday no one noticed because the swelling is gone!

  3. Hi dani, lovin your page! What do you recommend for lines on the forehead? I don't know much but I heard Botox is is the way to go?

    1. Thanks hun, your too nice! Well both Juvederm & Restylane can be used on your forehead as fillers. Restylane is more similar to botox because the gel is thicker, But in saying that Botox is the best for forehead lines because botox has a more permanent effect and the number of units used will be fewer when you need to go back for a touch up. The best thing to do would be researcher bigger companies it might got a little more but in the long run it will be worth it.If your from Sydney cosmetics team who work at Christopher Hanna are great! At the moment they have a special on aswell. Take a look -