Monday, March 31, 2014

Mind, Body & Soul Monday - Detecting Nutritional Deficiencies - What vitamins you need to fix these issues NOW!

Hi Beauties,
We all know that a healthy diet provides everything the body needs but most of the time, our busy lifestyles get in the way or in my case chocolate cake, lollies, cookies.. You get the gist of what im trying to say. 

I try my BEST to be healthy & i want to eventually go organic for the most part but i cant live without sweets! I just cant do it! So today i though i would talk to you about the vitamin deficiencies that occur with finicky eating patterns, stress or a poor overall diet.
In no means am i a doctor, this is personally from my own experience and ALOT of research! It is something i want to share with you because after years of a bad diet and health issues most of these things are easily fixed with vitamins or natural vitamins (fruit and veg) which are not as good as sugar coated donuts but in the long run much more worth it. Just like finding out that the little case of dermatitis i had around my nose was due to a lack of Vitamin B6! Here are the most common body deficiencies and the vitamins needed to fix them!


Stretch Marks - Zinc Deficiency - What you need - Oysters contain more zinc than any other food then its followed by beans, nuts, crab & lobster (or a vitamin is the less expensive choice rather than splashing out on seafood) Unless you can, if you can go for it! I love crab!

Spontaneous Bleeds - Vitamin C deficiency - What you need - Oranges! Grapefruit & Kiwifruit! 

Dry Skin with hair follicles plugged with distorted hairs and a red halo - Vitamin C deficiency

Yellow Palms - Excessive beta carotene intake - What you need - LESS dairy products because excessive beta carotene is actually two much vitamin A 

Pimply Rough skin at the back of upper arms known as "chicken skin" - Essential fatty acid deficiency - What you need - Omega 6 & Omega 3 which include - Nuts & Cold water fish like tuna, salmon and herring.


Tender Calf Muscles & Brisk Knee Reflexes - Magnesium Deficiency  - What you need - Magnesium, Leafy greens and almonds are the highest natural sources.


White Spots - Low Zinc  - What you need - The same as "Stretch Marks"
Soft, Broken Brittle - Low Magnesium - What you need - The same as "Tender Calf Muscles"


Greasy - Vitamin B2 Deficiency - What you need - Cheese, Beef, Mushrooms, Spinach
Dermatitis/Acne - Vitamin B6 Deficiency - What you need - Sunflower seeds, Turkey, Dried Fruit.

Alot of these i have in vitamin form, and for a super easy cheat all you need is a women's multi-vitamin (that has the loads all in one tablet!) I get all my vitamins from health-food stores or Princeline (Australia's Walgreen's) I recommend Swisse or Blackmores - Both of these brands have vitamins for EVERYTHING!

You can purchase them from (Swisse-Here) or (Blackmores-Here)  

Have any of you had these issues before? Taking in vitamin two really helped with my dermatitis! I also wanted to give you all alternative food choices because i know taking vitamins or any sort of tablet can suck! It is also a good way to incorporate a little more healthiness in your life. 

Dani xo

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