Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favourites - Style & Beauty Steals!

Hi beauties! 
This week I have quiet a few favourites and they are definitely style and beauty steals! I love love love finding steals! I'm not frugal but nothing makes me happier than finding an amazing piece of clothing or an amazing product. High or low end I love me some sales. Don't you? 

Okay here we go!!  

Riley Chain Bag - I honestly swear by Sportsgirl for having the best and i mean best bags ever. The quality is amazing and the prices? $50-70 max! I got the Riley chain bag pictured above. I don't know how to explain this bag other than it has enough room to fit my two make up bags, a work cardigan, my flats, perfume and pretty much what I'm saying is everything i need! The gold chain detail is what caught my eye. Anything with gold chains i own! Girls, go and check out this bag, it is classy, simple and cost $50 AUD (here)

Vaseline Body Moisturiser Spray - I'm a little late on reviewing this one because at first I was 50/50 until I found myself in Priceline buying my second bottle. First of Vaseline is an amazing product to begin with, the moisturiser is the best. It's light, rich, smells amazing (coconut) and the sound the bottle makes when you spray it sounds almost robotic which makes me feel like I'm using a high end product but it's only $10 and worth every scent. Who else uses this?  (here)

Fcuk Friction - This perfume is the biggest steal ever! It sells for $20 a bottle and it smells amazing! I have never got more compliments on a perfume besides my Chanel Chance. I think this is going to be my winter scent. In my cousins opinion it smells like "The Woods" I know it sounds funny but it's a rich musky smell and that was the best way of describing it lol It has notes of coconut, pink jasmine and apple bottom! It sticks to my skin all day and as a smoker that's a good thing! Please tell me someone else has tried this? (Here)

Victoria Cut Out Ballet Flats - I love jelly sandals have you seen them? The only problem is they don't suit me, until i walked into Forever New and found these Jelly flats that well aren't Jelly flats? Same style minus the jelly look! What do you think of them? (here) I love the diamond detailing across them too. I think they will go perfect with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a white knit! (Yep already thinking ahead) but for $60 AUD so worth it!

What did you all buy this week? Give me some more ideas too waste more money i dont have :) 

Dani xo


  1. Interesting post!If you feel like spending I did buy a beautiful pair of strappy sandals from Zara!I have pictures of them up on my blog if you want to see what they look like!

  2. Thanks hun. let me have a look i love zara shoes!