Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mind Body & Soul - Did You Know Soaking In An Oatmeal Bath Can Help Dry Skin? Home Remedies For Dry Skin!

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Hello Lovelies!

How was everyone's Easter?

Sorry for my lack of posting over the long weekend. It has been super busy for me going up and down seeing family that i have hardly had time blog, but now im back! 

We are all familiar with the basics aren't we? 

Moisturize your face and body everyday and wear sunblock and drink alot of water but sometimes that is not enough. Especially when the colder months hit and the dry skin hits even harder! 

Now im back with a new post for you all! As it is Autumn going on Winter in Australia my skin is suffering from super dryness! As you all know i love nothing more than sharing natural and organic products, tips, ticks and information so today i have some home remedies for helping dry skin that wont break the bank (especially if you spent a little too much on Easter eggs like me) I cant stress enough that sometimes a tea spoon of honey does much more than a $50 face cream.

First my absolute favorite is Avocado
All you do is mash a little bit of avocado into a bowel and apply it on your face for 5-10 minutes and then wash off. The reason this is my favorite is because it is the quickest way i have relief from the dryness of my skin. Avocados are high in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids which replenish skin and keep it glowing.  


Yes, believe it or not this tasty but sticky little beauty does wonders for dry skin! All you have to do is rub a little bit of honey onto your skin and sit for 10 minutes and then rise it off thoroughly.

Olive Oil & Coconut Oil

Both of these things are a god-sent for dry skin. I recommend putting a little bit on before bed so it has a good 6-8 hours to absorb and then wash your face as normal in the morning. I am an advocate for coconut oil. I swear by it and use it for everything and it is a simple and effective way to help dry skin areas.  


You may not know this but mango is actually full of skin benefits. It helps skin look younger, helps prevent wrinkles and helps regeneration of skin cells to help dry and flaky skin! The downside? Mango isnt always in season, but when it is mash a small portion and let it sit on your face for afew minutes then wash off.


This is great for when your body is dry. All you have to do is blend/grind one cup of oatmeal into a fine powder with a food processor then pour it into the bath while the water is running. Oatmeal can be used in alot of DIY bath scrubs because oatmeal contains polysacchardies (a carbohydrate) that when mixed with water softens and nourishes the skin and protects it from drying out even after you've washed this away. I swear by this because i am in the process of trying out my own scrubs and this one works a charm! Especially on my dry knees! 

Dry & Cracked Heels? Try a Banana Peel. Yes a Banana peel!

Rub the side of a banana peel on the dry and cracked heels and watch is disappear! 


Natural unflavored yogurt works great as a face mask for dry skin. Just rub it on your skin to make a thick layer and leave for 10 minutes. I find this works really well to help the dry skin around my nose!

Keep WARM not HOT!

Last but not least as nice as it is having a hot shower in the cooler months try and aim for a warm shower. Warm enough to be satisfying but not too hot because that will dry out your skin even more and even quicker.

Quick tip - Sukin Organics are the best products for dry skin. I use the whole skincare line it is affordable starting from about AUD $9 and even less for sample sizes and the Hydrating Body Lotion works wonders after a bath or shower. You can buy and try the products (here) I also have some other great skincare products in the works for you all which are organic and natural so stay tuned for future reviews because they are amazing!

Does anyone else have any home remedies they would like to share or any products you have found to really help dry skin?

Thanks for reading!

Dani xo