Monday, March 24, 2014

Mind Body & Soul Monday - 10 Herbs That Heal

Hi Ladies, Double posts today because my internet was down yesterday. On Mind, Body and Soul Mondays i like to really give you all as much information and tips for the inside and outside of your body, overall mental health and many other things. Today i have the top ten herbs too add into your food when your unwell, and they WORK! 

Coughing - Add Rosemary - this goes well with Potatoes, White Beans, Apples

Tummy Cramps - Add Mint - this goes well with eggplant, tomatoes, green beans, melon

Period Cramps (yep they are different to the above) - Add Oregano - this goes well with mushrooms, tomatoes, olives

Achy Joints - Add Curry Powder - this goes well with lentils, rice, cauliflower, spinich 

Track Infection - Add Dill - this goes well with cucumber, beats, carrots

Bloated - Add Parsley - this goes well with tomato, grains, onions

Congested - Add Cayenne - this goes well with leafy greens, beans, rice, soups

Feeling down and weak - Add Basil - this goes well with pizza, pasta, tomateos (mmm pizza) 

Tired - Add Cilantro - this goes well with avocado, corn, black beans

Nausea - Add Ginger - Potatoes, miso soup, rice, pears

The "this goes well" additions are purely suggestions based on what foods so well with these herbs.

Has anyone tried this? Ginger really works wonders for nausea but also great for tummy aches and has many other benefits.

Dani xo


  1. love this too - gna try herbs in my food and see if I get better!

    1. Try them all, but the Ginger and Rosemary will be good for your cold! xx

  2. I tried garlic and cloves for a really bad toothache once and it worked!!

    1. Thanks Hun, that will come in handy I have killer wisdom tooth pain ATM

  3. I had one of those ginger motion sickness tablets when I was on a cruise and they definitely work. The rest I can't wait to try, not that I want to be sick! haha

    great blog, love a fellow aussie blogger. xx

  4. I swear by ginger its the best! All of them are so deff try them out!
    I love fellow aussie bloggers too, I'm looking at yours now its amazing! Following xox