Saturday, February 22, 2014

Summer Outfit Ideas!

Hi loves,

Today i thought i would share with you my summer outfit ideas as in Australia this is our last week of Summer (tears).They are marked _satisfashionxo which was my previous instagram name before i started laceandlovexo.blogspot. 

As my Macbook is in repairs, (ah i feel so lost without it!) I can't update as normal. As you can tell i upload every second day and hope to make it everyday but until then i shall be working off my iPhone and will do my best to bring you quality posts. 

Here is a little collection of the outfits i put together during the summer. I call it my "Shopping List" Every payday i go and buy an item on the bored i have made minus the designer bags although if i could afford to buy one every time i got paid, I probably would. 

What is your payday splurge? 

I hope you enjoy the above outfits. I plan to blog a range of ideas in one post a week with links to purchase. If you have any themes or suggestions let me know! 

Dani xo

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