Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Beauty Favorites!

Hello! Since February is almost over i thought i would share the products I've been loving this month. My list grows by the month but i have chosen the top six to share with you all! 

1. Chanel Chance

This is my favorite perfume in the whole world! It has a sweet floral scent mixed with amber and white musk! Its the one perfume i don't think i will ever stop using, so its more like an every month favorite! If you haven't had a chance to smell it i recommend you do. You wont be disappointed.

You can purchase it from here.

2. St Tropez Tanning Mitt

Lately ive been too lazy for fake tan and using tanning beds but once i finally started to get my nice natural brown colour, my skin reacted to heat exposure! So needless to say it was back to fake tan for me, but i could never get it right. When i say streaky i mean streaaaaky! My go to tan is St Tropez Mousse and while looking for tips and tricks on you-tube somebody recommenced this mitt. It is a lifesaver! I have not streaked once since using it and all you have to do is wash it and let it dry after applying the tan cause it holds its longevity so for $11.00au its worth it!

You can purchase it from here

3. OPI Nail Polish in "I Think Pink"

I was getting a pedicure at the beginning of this month when the lady next to me was putting this on her feet, It is the perfect shade of pink, The colours very soft and sheer! So its good for me because i pale skin naturally so bright colours are a NO-GO zone for my hands or feet. The only down side is you need two or three coats to get it right! I still think its worth the commitment though!

You can purchase it from here.

4. Beauty Blender

This is a god sent! My aunt gave me this as a gift for my birthday about i now think it is better than using a brush. It doesn't absorb to much foundation like a normal sponge appliation either.It smooths and refines your makeup and its the only thing ive found to really touch up the hard places like my inner eye and under eye. Its really great for covering blemishes too. Its a little pricey for a sponge but given its lasted me three months and counting it hasn't changed at all (Wash it under cold water every now and then and let it dry up and its like brand new! ) There are alot of dupes on ebay which ive found just a good but havent lasted as long unfortunatly.

You can purchase the orgional from here.

5. Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation

My best friend put me onto this a few months ago, my go to foundation for high coverage is Napoleon or Mac. I feel like the Mac Studio Fix doesnt sit on my skin the same, lately its made me very oil so i turned to this Maybelline foundation and believe me when i say it leaves my skin flawless. Its so soft and lightweight i feel like I'm wearing nothing but it provides medium - high coverage so give it a shot!

You can purchase it here.

6. Sukin Facial Scrub 

Last but not least my Sukin. This is an Australian all natural and organic face scrub. Aloe vera, chamomile, rose hip and jojoba with micro particles of bamboo extract (whats not too love about that?). It leaves my skin so soft and smooth with a nice glow. I use this three times a week and in the last month I've noticed the change in my face. It really does what it promises too!

You can purchase it here.

I hope you enjoyed my feedback my loves! If anyone tries or has tried these leave your feedback in the comments, i would love too hear other peoples opinions or even suggestions for new products to try next month!

Dani xo


  1. Hi there! love your blog! I'm your newest follower on bloglovin. Hope you can follow back! ;)

    Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam :)
      Thank you so much!
      Im having a look at your blog now, love it!
      Following back :) x

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  3. What a lovely blog :) And I really enjoyed this simple and easily-read post. Love my beauty blender and OPI nail polish!
    Good luck with blogging! I am trying to focus my blog on DIY but still like to read beauty & fashion too! x

    1. Hi Lovely! Im so glad you like it considering its so fresh and new and im still trying to work it out and make it pretty!
      I just joined your followers :) I love DIY and im exited to follow your posts xxx

  4. lovee favourites posts, have to see. st tropez mitt is amazing, I used mine for ages and only recently had to throw it out because it had had it. I'm using the model co one now and really miss it. might have to go back :/
    also love the beauty blender - that and the real techniques expert face brush is all I use to apply foundation now!

    Rebekah xx

    1. Ah the thought of throwing it out hurt me and they were on sale at priceline the other week so i got two more... Just to be safe lol!!!!
      Yessss im so glad you agree beauty blender is the best!