Sunday, December 21, 2014

Me Time Tea Detox Review (The Only Slimming Tea That Works)

Hello Lovers,

I'm back with my first review! As you all know I have been m.i.a for some time so I have aLOT of reviews lined up! This one is one of my favourites, as you know I'm all about natural and organic products and nothing is better than a slimming tea (just in time for summer) filled with everything that's good for you as well as giving you a flatter stomach. WIN WIN? I think so!

Now let me start off by giving you a breakdown of the tea itself. Me Time Tea is 100% organic consisting of natural herbal ingredients that aid in weight loss. 

Those magical ingredients are - 
NETTLE LEAF - Anti inflammatory properties
PEPPERMINT LEAF - Soothes the stomach 
SENNA LEAF - Natural Laxative 
DANDELION LEAF - Assists with digestion 
CINNAMON BARK - Helps with stomach gramps and aids in preventing the flu 

You can read about all the other benefits and ingredients (here)

Now a run down of what I did - I was sent the 28 day detox which you can purchase (here) for 49.95 but never fear the lovely lady behind the company Lena has given me a discount code which is "laceandlovexo" for an amazing 20% off now let me tell you this is beyond worth it because it's the one tea I have found to work with no side effects and we all know that detox tea can make you feel pretty sick in the stomach area (don't lie, we all know what I'm talking about) now last but not least how to take this tea and how it dropped three kilos off me just intime for summer!

With the 28 day detox I drank two cups of the tea per day - Half and hour before breakfast and half an hour before dinner. In saying that I did 30 minutes of cardio three days a week, but I will be honest and say I didn't eat great (meaning I ate cake, lollies and cookies everyday) don't judge me! So when I say this tea works I mean it really works. 

I'm sure most of you are wondering how the tea actually tastes, well it's a combination of cinnamon and peppermint and completely pleasant which makes me love it even more!! 

So after the 28days? I went from 53 kilos to a solid 50. The packet lasts well over 28 days as i received it in June and it is now December and I'm still treating myself to a cup every single day. Now the fun part.. Below are my before and after photos of the 28 days. Yes I understand some people do not like the body shots and I am keeping it as simple as possible with my body region but I believe a product is not worth buying unless you see results and with this tea I promise you will! 

Day 1 

Day 28 

The full website for metimetea is (here) if you have any questions ask me below or you can contact Lena directly as she will be happy to answer any questions!

Until next time ladies, thanks for reading! It's good to be back!

In between blogging you can find me (here) as I spend most of my time on my Instagram page! 

Dani xo 

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