Tuesday, April 29, 2014

7 Budget Beauty Tips & Tricks You Need In Your Life Now!

Hi Lovelies,

We all love a beauty steal and personally what i love even better than that? Tips and tricks that cost me next to nothing and make me feel like a million dollars! Lets face it, me and my paper shredder are having a stand off. I should put my credit card in there and shred it up until i can work down my bill but instead it is getting higher and higher because of my shopping obsession. 

The only way i will stop is if my card is eaten by my paper cutter.

Im not going to lie to my readers or myself and even attempt the spending ban. I cant do it.
My love for Priceline (Australia's Drugstore) is too strong. Although i have decided to make the decision to budget a little more and i want to share my beauty tips to save a little and still benefit alot!

Scrub With Sugar! 
I think we are all a little guilty of spending too much money on body scrubs because of the cute packaging and amazing smells! Dont get me wrong i still love me some soap and glory but in order to fill up my pockets a little making your own DIY sugar scrub is a great alternative. The benefits are the same if not better. I find my skin smoother after using my own scrub because its more raw and organic.

What you need? 

1/2 cups of brown sugar 
1/2 Coconut Oil
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla

Longer Looking Lashes?
Apply powder to boost your lash power. Lightly dust pressed or loose power or even baby powder on your lashes (eyes closed ofcourse) Then apply a coat of mascara. You can keep building it up for your desired look but i find two coats with pressed powder on-top actually does a much better job than using a fiber lash wand. 

Lip Plumping On The Cheap
This is something i love doing in the morning especially if i know im going to have more of bare face during the day. Lips need love from time to time. Not lipstick love, more like exfoliation love. Now that Australia is hitting the colder months i find my lips dry out. So if your having the same problem I have two options. First is too use the mention sugar scrub and second is to use a new toothbrush. Just wet the toothbrush and gently scrub it across your lips. This is proven to give your lips a little plumping because of the stimulating blood circulation. Plus your lips will be smoother than ever!

Stay Put Bobby Pins
This is a familiar and affection trick. All you have to do is lightly spray your bobby pins with some hairspray. This makes them a little sticky and less likely to slip and slide in your hair. 

Quick Nail Drying 
I love love love this beauty hack! Im so glad someone recommended this to me because ever since it has been my go-to secret. One thing i hate about doing my nails? Is waiting so long for them to dry until now.. All you have to do is dip your nails in cold water once the top coat as set. Plunging them in ice water for 10-15 seconds is even better than a quick dip. Its a time saver and it helps you get back to doing other things like blogging, shopping or both?

Plucking The Stray Eyebrow Hairs
One of the biggest misconceptions about plucking your eyebrows is using ice/cold water to numb the area. That does not work at all. It has no truth too it. What you should do is have a nice hot shower because it will open up your pores and making pulling out the brow hair just as painful.

Yellow Nails
From time to time a few of us get yellow nails. Smoking? The main cause. As well as certain polish shades. A great way to get the yellow away is to stick them into a lemon. Sounds funny but when your done your nails will be as good as new!

What are you beauty hacks? I would love to try some more!

Dani xo

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  1. "Blogging, shopping or both" haha you remind need of me! I lived reading this :)