Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Round Up - Links I Loved This Week

Hi loves,

Its Sunday night so i thought i would do a found up of everything i am loving this week.
Suger Coated Sunday is my usual posting ritual but i want to be a little more personal with you all, because as a blogger we share everything with each other right?

Benefits Its Potent Eye Cream - I did a review (here) and you can purchase it (here). I have NOT been this impressed with a product for a long time, i know I'm a little delayed but it really works miracles for me! 

3 year old makes his case for cupcakes! If you haven't seen him on Ellen Degeneres check him out (here) He is so cute "Linda, Linda, Listen" Makes my heart melt.

Speaking of Ellen Degeneres, An 8 year old boys inspiring story with a solider. You all need to watch this (here) Its a reminder we all need to take the time to pay it forward to someone more in need than us. GET YOUR TISSUES READY NOW!

Cookies & Cream Mini Cheese Cakes (here) This is one of the most mouth watering recipes i have ever seen, if you like Oreos you need to check this out!

Beauty Serving Size (here) This is by far one of the best things i have ever read. Im one of those people who overuse a product, when they say a drop of serum i use 5, when they say a tab of eye cream i use 3. Finding this was on point and made me realise that the smallest amounts do the job. Ok ok I'm also super guilty of using ALOT of conditioner! Tell me I'm not the only one who does this?

What have you all enjoyed this week? 

Dani xo


  1. It literally takes me 2-3 uses to use a bottle of conditioner ahaha dw! Also, cookies and cream mini cheese cakes! Stop, I will eat them all.

    1. hahaha you are so my spiritual twin. I will eat them all, then use up a bottle of conditioner haha, its crazy reading that though hey and seeing how little we actually need!