Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mind Body & Soul Monday - More Reasons To Eat Fruit And Why!!

Happy Monday My Pretties! 
As you know from my pervious two posts i am trying to cleanse my body a little because lets face it junk food is my true love. 

I have had a few issues with my body because of how bad my diet has been lately so i have been "trying" to make some positive changes. 

The benefits of fruit and veggies is obvious but also for someone like me NOT my first choice. Until i did my research!

12 Fruits - 12 Reasons to start eating everyone of them!

Cherries - Help calm your nervous system

Grapes - Relax your blood vessels 
Peaches - Rich in iron (Win win for me and my low iron levels - Believe me if anyone has low iron they know the tablets are horrible, and unusually big?)
Apples - Help your body develop resistance to infections
Watermelon - Controls your heart rate
Oranges - The king of vitamin C good for your immune system, skin & vison. 
Strawberries - Potentially fights against ageing and a proven natural teeth whitener! 
Bananas - Energy Booster
Pineapples - Potentially fight arthritis 
Blueberries - Protect your heart
Kiwis - Increase Bone Mass
Mangos - Potentially protect against seven cancers

As much as i loveeee the bad stuff when you go over the benefits in your mind it kind of outweighs the sugar as much as i don't want it too!

Anyone else have any suggestions/fruit benefits?

Dani xo


  1. How about apricots? They can protect your heart and eyes. :)

    1. Oh good one! Thank you, mmm i love apricots! Have u tried the dried out ones? I love them for little work snacks xx

  2. I love this post! Eating healthy is great and makes you feel amazing! I love the picture. That's a really cute idea for a family gathering or an occasion to put something out looking like that.

    Lana xoxo

    1. As much as i wish i could say cake makes me feel amazing lol fruit is the way too go! I love blending them up with ice to make a smoothie! Cant think of anything better on a hot day! xx

  3. My favorite way to introduce more fruit into my diet is to drink one fruit juice every morning as a midday snack. I love to make it myself with my juicer and I put everything on it, I'm like a kid, mango, banana, strawberries. And it tastes so good too!
    The Beauty Break // http://beautytimebreak.blogspot.com

    1. First of all how have i not found your blog before? I just followed you on everything lol!
      Im the same, i love it with crushed ice! I need to invest in a proper juicer!! I'm using a blender at the moment lol!

  4. love this, this makes me want to go right now and buy some of these fruit that I don't usually eat :)


    1. Tell me about it beautiful, up until last year fruit was the last thing i was eating now i try and eat as much as i can! xxx

  5. great post! very motivating! love eating healthy!

    congratulations for you nomination!
    can you like me on facebook?

    1. Thank you :)
      I love your blog I'm a follower on Bloglovin but i dont have a Facebook page sorry!
      When i make it, i promise i will like it :) xx