Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BLOG SERIES! Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday!


Hello Beauties! 

As you know my beloved Macbook is

in repairs! So i am working from my work computer and iPhone at the moment and doing my best to bring you quality over quantity! (Thats the saying right?) The good news is the Macbook will be back in my arms (and on my lap all night long) tomorrow! 

In the mean time i though i would talk to you all about how and what i will be posting! Before i made this blog i researched for hours and hours figuring out what kind of blog i wanted. I got myself a cute pink notebook and it began... Magazine cutouts, internet printouts, writing and more writing, colour charting the layout (that I'm still trying to perfect!) and more. Today it is the three week anniversary of my blog YAY! So now I'm going to be telling you all the master plan! Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday I will be doing a series.

Mind (Body & Soul) Mondays - Focusing on inner and outter health, the mind, the body and all the little things that make or break our souls.

Wear It Wednesday - All my outfit ideas and purchases and all things fashion related with the links to purchase and maybe a little celeb style thrown in-between.

Friday Favourites - All the beauty products (and other items if i get carried away) i have tried and purchased throughout the week.

Sugar Coated Sunday - I have found some really amazing mouth watering recipes for you all. Most of them are sweet because I'm guilty of being a big big sweet lover but i will throw in some savory! 

Last but not least Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday? Ahhh the 3 days of blogging i probably should have off but sometimes wont because lets face it I'm addicted. Im thinking of adding pictures and quotes that inspire me in the what i like to call "break days".

Any other post suggestions for those days? 

Dani xo


  1. Hi great blog! I have nominated you for the Leibster award! check it out:

  2. Hi Selina,
    I was nominated last week but it means alottt! Thank you so much!
    I love your blog, im now following you :) xxxx